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About Me

Hey there, my name is Karolina

I am your wedding photographer, the energy ball and your biggest supporter. 


Based in Newcastle,UK

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your wedding photographer, supporter and overall happy energy.

There are so many things about me, Where do I even begin? 

Uh, I know! Let me tell you some facts about myself.

♥ I have heterochromia. This means I have two different colour eyes. One hazel, the other blue/green.

♥ Been living in the UK for 10+ years. Safe to say it's my home now!

♥ I once had a super short one-on-one conversation with David Beckham. I didn't realize it was him until he walked away :D 

♥ I never finished secondary school, but I have Bachelors and Masters degree in Design. I am a furniture designer and I still love the craft, but photography took over me back in 2019 and it's been a part of me ever since. And you know what's funny about that? I always used to say that photography is just a hobby and that I don't see myself as a photographer :D Well, look at me now!

♥ Nature plays a big part in my life! I love hiking, swimming, walking and simply being in nature. ALL THINGS NATURE! I am also super excited about my move to Newcastle. So much closer to beautiful nature now.

♥ I am a very positive human being. I love positivity, optimism and good vibes.


♥ My husband and I eloped in the Lake District and yes, I went hiking for 2hrs one way in my wedding dress. It was an interesting experience I would definitely do it again!

♥ I am a huge lover of pets and plants. I love sniffing flowers and playing with pets *heart eyes*. 

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Helvellyn, Lake District

This was the hike where I was proposed to. This is also the same place where we eloped. Except not on top where the picture is taken, but rather near the lake at the bottom left.

That's a very long story, but I will condense it for you.

I studied Art and Design course in college and had photography as a subject. I absolutely loved it and I was really good at it. When the time came to apply to university, my tutors tried to encourage me to study photography, but I would always reply to them " I don't see it as a career. It's just a hobby to me". It took me 5 years of studying furniture design, to realize that I love photography so much and that I should give it a shot. Then the global pandemic hit and I thought that this is a perfect time for me to step things up.

Now, I don't remember exactly what made me choose wedding photography, but I loved photographing couples, the happiness and compliments I got from my first few couples made me so happy... I wanted more. It became a drug and I can now say that I am addicted to wedding photography. IT IS THE THING I LIVE AND BREATHE NOW!

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