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Here are some of the answers to questions for you based on what other couples ask me.

Where are you based? I am currently living in Kingston upon Thames, London, but soon I will be moving to the north of England. I cannot wait to be closer to mountains and nature. 

How do we book you? It is a very simple process. You fill in my contact form, I check that I have your date available and if I do, I invite you for a call or in-person meeting with a cup of coffee on me to talk all about you, your story and your wedding. After all of that, if you like everything I have to offer, you pay a retainers fee, sign the agreement and I AM YOURS, BABY!


How far would you travel? I will travel as far as you want. Even to the most remote corners of the UK. I don't have a travel fee which is amazing, so no added cost for that.

Do you have any other extra fees? Well, the only extra fee would be added for an overnight stay before and after your wedding day. With this, I make sure that I am not late and fully rested for your day, but also that I don't drive afterwards whilst tired.

We love your work but we are getting married in Croatia / Italy / Spain / France etc. Would you travel to us? OMG! YES! I would, I love travelling and exploring new places as much as I can and I will happily travel anywhere in Europe. Destination travel fees apply.

Would you photograph same-sex marriage? Oh hell yeah! I love all and everyone. I do not discriminate against love. I am an LGBT+ ally. 

How many images do you deliver and how long is the wait? For a full-day wedding, I would deliver about 500+ images and it would take about 4-6 weeks to get them ready for you.

Do you edit all of the images? Yes, yes, and once again yes. I love editing and fully completing the work I have started. I go over every individual photograph to make sure it is edited to the highest standard.

Do you offer a pre-wedding session? I do indeed! It's perfect if you want to have some gorgeous photographs of you two, and get the feel of what it will be like on your wedding day. You can call it a practice session, as it can feel like one.

Do you have any questions that are not mentioned here? All you need to do is contact me via contact form or simply email me at hello@bykarolina.com