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3 tips on how to prepare for your wedding day photography, so that you smash those wedding photos.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

You got engaged and are well into the wedding planning process already! Woohooo! It's so important to start planning in advance so that you can snatch up all the best suppliers, have plenty of time to do all the planning, reduce stress and have plenty of time to yourself. And you are doing it so well!

However, with so much information out there, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. So, let me give you some tips from my experience on how to make the most and prepare for your wedding day photography. Let's smash those wedding day photos together.

TOP TIP 1: Involve your wedding photographer in your planning process.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but so many couples forget one important detail when it comes to planning and preparing for wedding day photography. Us, your wedding photographers. I cannot stress enough how important and helpful your wedding photographer is. As a wedding photographer myself, I get to see so many weddings in all formats from small intimate 5 people weddings to big and extravagant 150+ people weddings and I don’t lie when I say: I have a lot to share. Almost an infinite amount of knowledge when it comes to seeing how weddings are run.

So, what do I mean when I say involve your photographer in the wedding planning process? I mean, ask any and all of the questions, even if you think they might not be related to photography, because I bet that in some way, shape or form, your question is related and will help you and your wedding photographer on the day.

For example: Would you be able to look over the timeline and give any suggestions or comments? This one is a big one. If you don’t hire a wedding planner, and decide to do it all yourself, your photographer can be a huge help when it comes to timelines. There is always something that we can help with, including telling you that you most likely underestimated how long one or the other part of the day would take, or even that you have forgotten to make some time for something else like newlywed portraits, or group shots to name a few. I want to make sure that you don’t regret a thing when it comes to receiving your wedding photographs.

This also gives your wedding photographer a chance to learn about your day, and ask questions about it too. The more we know about all of the ins and out of your day the better photographs will be. It’s a win-win situation.

I only talk about this from my personal experience and opinion, so if I’m not your wedding photographer, then check with yours to see if they would be happy to take an extra step and help you with the planning process.

TOP TIP 2: Book a pre-wedding session aka engagement/couples session

I bet you heard this already. Haha, I know many photographers are pushing for this, and there is a good reason for it. I am not talking about photographers who are only looking to earn extra cash and while many photographers' sole purpose is the cash, it certainly shouldn’t be.

Now that I mentioned it… You should look for someone who has pre-wedding sessions or engagement/couples sessions included in their wedding packages. This way you get to save some cash yourself and you know for sure that your photographer is doing this for the right reasons. It’s a two-for-one tip.

Now, let's talk about the reasons why you should get yourself a pre-wedding session whether it's included or not.

Reason 1. You get to meet your wedding photographer in person if you haven’t already. If you have, then it's another chance to have some time and bond together. In the end, your photographer will be there with you on the most intimate and private day, so you want to make sure you all are in sync. YOU BUILD TRUST.

Reason 2. This is a perfect chance for you to get used to the camera and your photographer's working methods, so when it comes to your wedding day, there are no surprises.

Reason 3. You get some absolute stunner photos for the rest of your life, and who doesn't want that? On top of that, You can use those photos for your wedding stationery.

Reason 4. You can practise any poses that you want to achieve on your wedding day, so when it comes to your wedding day, you know exactly what to do.

Reason 5. It's another reason to dress up, celebrate your love and make the day out of it.

TOP TIP 3: Practice, practice, practice.

This might sound weird, and it will definitely feel silly, but you should practice some aspects of your wedding day, for your wedding day.

Now, hear me out… For all of those poses that you practised with your wedding photographer during the pre-wedding session, practice them in front of the mirror. This will allow you to perfect those poses and feel 10 x better when doing them. When practising, try out a few different actions like whispering to each other's ears, touching each other's skin and doing silly movements, to get those natural unposed smiles and movements for the best outcomes for your wedding day. Don’t forget to film yourself as you do them, and then look back to see what you like the most.

Additionally to practising your poses, you should practice kissing. You would be surprised how often I teach my couples to kiss for pictures. Although the emotions and excitement on the day get the best of them and all of my teachings can be often forgotten, nonetheless, you should still practice this. This is what I say to my couples when it comes to kissing in front of the camera: Don't go for a straight nose-to-nose kiss, and don't go lips first. Kiss with your heads a little one to one side and another to another side. Now bring your faces together before the kiss and allow the lips to touch naturally. This simple adjustment will get you the best results, and you should practice it to make sure it comes naturally to you. Get crazy with this steamy practice!

You can practice anything, and I highly recommend that you do. Want to nail those confetti shots? Practice. Want to have an amazing first dance? Practice. How about that first kiss? Practice. You should practice all of the important aspects of your day prior, to your wedding day. Oh, and don't forget to record and watch back, and practice again until you are nailing it!

In conclusion, involve your photographer, get yourself a pre-wedding session and practice! You will have so much fun on your wedding day. I am so excited for you, and of course, if you follow these three top tips, you will be more relaxed and prepared for your wedding day photography.

From what I know, to what now you know. Hope this helps.

Your wedding photographer,

Karolina, By Karolina Photography

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