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Intimate Wedding Elopement Inspiration at the Botany Bay Beach, UK!

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

by Karolina Wedding photographer

Hey there, it's so lovely to see you here!

Are you thinking of eloping? Maybe you want to have an intimate wedding somewhere in nature? Well, keep reading because you are about to find out everything there is to know about this amazing elopement and the suppliers that made it possible.

Let's dive in...

The inspiration came from my love for nature. The aim was for a white elopement that beautifully shows off the bride (Chloe) and the groom (Glenn) in the background of nature. I wasn’t looking for any specific decorations or setups and wanted to showcase nature as the most beautiful decor there is. We created a perfect scenario to suit any couple, whether you are after a budget-friendly or more luxurious elopement. I truly believe that nature is the best venue that there is! Everything else is entirely up to you to make it 100% YOU!

For this editorial, I wanted to show off the beauty of the UK beaches and prove that you could have a beautiful elopement in the UK. That dreamy destination look you always wanted can be found right here on our very own shores.

This beautifully styled wedding elopement took place in one of the most stunning locations the UK has to offer. Botany Bay in Kent was the perfect background and served us with beautifully misty weather which created this dreamy atmosphere. This shows that any weather can be charming for your intimate elopement.

This beach is often packed with people enjoying it and trying to get a spot to take a picture with the beautiful rock formations so to escape the crowds we came here on a Monday afternoon. This was late June, to make sure that the weather is warm so that Chloe and Glenn could feel comfortable with the breeze from the sea and take walk bare feet on the beach.

Even though the weather has been unpredictable for the past two weeks prior and it was raining on my way there (which was slightly worrying) we were served with the most beautiful fog and mist. I could not have asked for a better background and it turned out to be everything I ever wanted and imagined. This also meant that there were nearly no people on the beach which was just perfect. Having this beach to ourselves, we used the most of it to create this magical elopement session. This specific beach stood out to me because of its unique rock formations. The beauty of Botany Bay mesmerised and I think this really was a perfect location for this styled elopement.

I handpicked the suppliers to make sure that each and every single one of us would deliver to the highest standard, and have a unique style and once pulled together we would complement each other perfectly. I am over the moon to say that we did! I had created a mood board of what I imagined it could look like, but also, wanted the creative freedom from the supplier's creativity and individuality to shine through.

Having a real couple, and their puppy Bruno running around, stealing the show (as puppies do), made everything feel super real. The atmosphere, the love, the fun… It was all genuine! Well, except for the ceremony, they didn’t really get married. Nonetheless, who is to say that it wasn’t real?

So, have you been considering eloping but need just a little more convincing?

I would love to tell you more about eloping and the benefits that come with it. From intimacy to super sweet moments, from small ceremony to adventure you're about to experience. Honestly, it is the best and let me tell you something... I have eloped myself, so I know a thing or two about elopement from personal experience and I would love to share it with you.

Contact me and we can have a chat.

Now, let's hear from some of our suppliers involved.

Celebrant Katie “I produced a short ceremony that was intimate, and romantic yet an honest celebration of their relationship. In the script, I included one of my favourite literary pieces by Anne Morrow Lindberg, called "A Gift from the Sea", as I felt it worked perfectly with our location on the beach and the fact we were shooting between the tides in the early evening. I finished the elopement ceremony with another beautiful piece of writing from Paulo Coelho about there being a soul mate for everyone in this world. I love elopements and this one was really special.”

Accessories designer Janie “I chose to use a raw quartz crystal and pearl crown which is part of a new 'Rock and Pearl' collection. Deeply connected to the earth it was an ideal choice for a beach elopement - the pearls linking to the sea and the crystal to the towering cliff sides. Statement crystal hoop earrings gave a fresh modern feel to the brides look and highlighted that items you choose for your wedding day can be worn again.”

Dress designer Tatiana “I chose Ava for its light and soft quality, with dotted tulle layers and lace moving freely whilst a custom-fitted bustier keeps the shape and offers support. Detachable sleeves are an optional addition to this romantic bridal gown, giving the bridal look a playful touch.”

Flower designer Grace “I wanted to create a bouquet to fit in with the surroundings; dramatic but beautiful. My natural style is floral heavy so I used big blousy peonies and roses, with dried elements for texture and finished with trailing silk ribbon.”


Photographer Karolina - @bykarolinaphotography

Dress designer Tatiana - @tatianaporembovabridal

The real couple - @modelling_by_coco, her partner Glenn and a puppy Bruno

Florals by Grace - @floandthefoxglove

Celebrant Katie - @trueblueceremonies

HMUA Reenu - @reenuplahemua

Headpiece and Earrings from Janie - @thelucky6pence

Vow Books Daria - @wedding.artwork

Contact me. I am here to tell you all about it!

by Karolina Photography

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