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Dreamy wedding photography at Rockbeare Manor

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of witnessing a myriad of dreamy weddings, and trust me when I say that each one is distinct and unique. From the venue and decor to the food, atmosphere, and the couple themselves, it is abundantly clear that every couple has their unique vision for creating their perfect day. Whether it's an extravagant affair or an intimate gathering, their individuality shines through.

So, without further ado, let me share with you, from my perspective, the unfolding of one dreamy wedding and what made it truly special.

Here is your dream team Photography & Videography - @bykarolinaphotography Florist - @emmahewlettfloraldesign, Make-Up Artist - @emmaroberts.mua, Hair Stylist - @natalienicholsbridal, Venue - @rockbeare_manor_, Dress Designer - @pronovias and Celebrant - @fanfareceremonies

Video Highlight.

Kate and Karl chose the exquisite Rockbeare Manor for their beautiful mid-April wedding, blessed with gorgeous weather. The sprawling estate provided a perfect backdrop for their portraits, set against a charming blend of gardens and fields.

Wedding Memorabilia

This particular wedding was exceptionally emotional, with tears flowing from the couple, friends, and family alike. Kate's mother, Jackie, who had passed away in 2017 from cancer, was remembered throughout the day in the ceremony, speeches, and into the night. The couple honoured her memory by incorporating a cancer research donation box and ballet shoe pins for each guest, a nod to Jackie's love for dancing.

Bride - Father First Look

The emotional depth continued with Kate's father accompanying her throughout the day, sharing poignant moments like a father-daughter first look, speeches, and a dance. The atmosphere was both joyful and bittersweet, capturing the beauty of their relationship despite the absence of their beloved wife and mother.

Their first look was the sweetest moment of the day.

As he entered the room, his sweet smile and beautiful soul coloured the room and as he saw his beautiful daughter they couldn’t hold back the tears. It truly emotional for everyone. While witnessing everything unfold in front of my camera, all I could think was how beautiful their relationship is and I won’t hide, I got emotional too as it was just too heart-warming to see them so happy, yet still, feel the sadness that their beloved wife/mother could not be there with them.

The day was put together by the amazing suppliers and helping hands from friends and family. The day was flawlessly orchestrated by the talented team of suppliers and the venue's events manager, ensuring no detail was overlooked.


As preparations unfolded, the anticipation and festivity in the air intensified, with Kate getting ready in a suite overlooking the stunning entrance and fields.

The groom and his groomsmen, meanwhile, prepared in a billiard room, attending to the final touches of their attire.

As makeup, hair, and the dress came together, the addition of the veil transformed Kate into a radiant princess, perfectly complemented by the ballet shoe pin.

Seeing it all together was breath taking, and she felt amazing as her smile shone through the pictures.


The ceremony room exuded a wow factor, bathed in natural light and adorned with flowers. The ceremony, conducted by the celebrant from @fanfareceremonies, set the stage for the day's celebrations. Following the heartfelt vows, the newlyweds exited amidst a shower of confetti, providing both laughs and memorable photos.

This was the wedding they both waited for since the pandemic, and let me tell you. It was worth the wait!



The emotional resonance continued during the speeches at dinner, with moments of laughter intertwined with reflections on Jackie's influence.

These were one of the most emotional speeches I have ever heard. Even though I highlight the emotional aspect of the ceremony and speeches, it was not a sad day at all, it was super fun and laughter-filled wedding day.

Newlywed Portraits

The grounds of Rockbeare Manor offered a picturesque backdrop for newlywed portraits, capturing the beauty of the sunset and Kate's radiant smile.

We were served with a beautiful sunset. Kate showed off her gorgeous dress and embraced the veil in the beautiful golden sun. She looked stunning is an understatement, but in all truth, I think that her smile shone brighter than the sun.


As night fell, the dancefloor took center stage with neon heart signs and colorful lights, creating a lively atmosphere for the couple's first dance and the cutting of the wedding cake.

In essence, Kate and Karl's wedding was a perfect blend of joy, emotion, and unique personal touches, creating lasting memories for all who attended.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day

Karolina x

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