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Rachel and Oliver's dreamy forest wedding.

Rachel and Oliver’s forest wedding served all of the queer vibes it could. They expressed their queerness and support for LGBTQ+ from the smallest details to the big picture.

Starting with the bridesmaids and groomsmen who were a lovely mix of queerness.

The groomsmen were a bunch of beautiful humans identifying as she/her and he/him. While bridesmaids were identifying as she/her, they/them and he/him. All of the groomsmen wore beautiful colourful suits and bridesmaids wore colourful dresses and a suit. Everyone was told to wear something comfortable and colourful to match the colourfulness of the couple.

The groom wore a dark green suit that matched the greenery of the forest. The grooms' suit collar was embroidered with a date that's personal to the couple.

The bride chose a yellow dip-dyed two-piece dress from @Lucy_cant_dance. Rachel also wore converses with LGBTQ+ pride flags and in the centre of a flower, she included a bisexual pride flag. She designed the converse shoes herself and proudly wore them on her wedding day. The look was then completed with a custom-made jacket which was also embroidered with words, and a poem and had a bunch of pins that had a lot of meaning to the couple's life and personalities.

Not all guests were from the UK, quite a few of them flew from Australia where the bride is from. One of the most unique things that the couple did was include their closest friends, who also stayed the night before in the yurts @plush_tents, to help prepare for the wedding on the morning of the day. The venue was everything the couple wanted. It had beautiful fields, forest, yurts for guests to stay in, a hot tub and a dog roaming around named Doggo. Doggo took everyone's attention away of course until a guest dog George arrived to enjoy the wedding.

At 8 am, on the wedding day, everyone gathered with coffee and tea near the fire where bride delegated tasks. Two of the guests got the task of doing the bride's makeup and hair, another few got to do the bridesmaid's flowers and buttonholes, another group decorated the outside area and the last group prepared all of the bits and pieces for the drinks. Last but not least, one special guest already had the task of delivering the ceremony. The celebrant @andreabeaumontcelebrant, who flew from Australia had one of the most important tasks, to marry the bride and the groom. She tailored the speech for the couple with jokes, stories and a beautifully personal ceremony. There were tears, laughter and so much love. The fact that she is family, made the ceremony precious and so special.

Whilst the bridesmaids did the flower bouquets and buttonholes, the main task was given to a talented florist @dolphin_creek_flowers who created a bridal bouquet and a flower installation to decorate the ceremony space.

Since the couple's lives are surrounded by many events that happened in nature, it only felt natural for them to get married in the forest like nature surrounded by trees, and down to earth environment. This also meant that they had their newlywed portraits in the forest with the sun shining through the trees.

The whole wedding happened outside, with people enjoying the beautiful weather and delicious pizzas from @bigslicepizzaco. Instead of a cake cutting, the couple had a bunch of cupcakes and one larger cake for everyone to enjoy. The couple focused on different parts of the day that felt more important to them, like speeches. The speech was the last part before the dancing. Everyone gathered in the main yurt, sat down on sofas, leaned against the walls and sat on the floor. Since the wedding didn't have a dining hall and it was very down to earth, it only felt natural for the speeches to be this way too. People formed a circle around and heart-warming speeches took over.

With speeches finished, the space transformed into the dancefloor with dimmed lights and lots of Taylor Swift and other pop bangers playing.

If that doesn’t prove to you that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, then I don't know what does. I hope this give you a very good idea that the more you make it you, the more you will enjoy it, the more memorable and warm your wedding will be.

Your wedding photographer,

Karolina, By Karolina Photography

SUPPLIERS WHO MADE THIS WEDDING: Photography @bykarolinaphotography, Venue @plush_tents, Florist @dolphin_creek_flowers, Desert @lolas_cupcakes, Food @bigslicepizzaco, Celebrant @andreabeaumontcelebrant, Dress @Lucy_cant_dance, Suit @casualfitters

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