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As your wedding photographer, I believe in connection and building trust.
A great experience cannot exist without the two.

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 I'm Karolina, your wedding photographer from Lithuania, living in the UK.

I am a huge nature lover, and it plays a huge part in my life. I love walking, hiking, running and overall being active. I find it hard to sit still, and so I bring this energy to weddings. I thinks that's how I manage to be everywhere all at the same time, hehe. On all of my walks and hikes, my companion is my husband Jonas.

They often say that opposites attract, and I think that perfectly describes us as a duo. With us, I bring the energy and love the company of people, while he leans towards solitude, finding solace in a quiet night in.

Alongside him, my companions are two mischievous kitties, Valtteri and Yuki, named after F1 drivers (Jonas's idea, he adores F1). These fur balls lead quite the wild life—creating chaos at 3 AM, occasionally engaging in adorable fights, and snuggling up for sweet dreams. Valtteri, is the airborne adventurer, loves to fly on a cardboard aeroplane with me as the captain and  Yuki, who prefers staying grounded, ready to escape my very frequent nonsense, whether it's dancing for him, or trying to play with him, he seems to be always suspicious.

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Jonas ♥

There's no surprise that I spend a lot of time with my couples and I will always try to have my picture taken where I can. I love creating and keeping memories.
I become a part of your life, and so you become a part of mine too! ♥

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Alex, Davina & Me
@ Ellingham Hall

Hannah, Me & Remo
@ The Low Wood Bay Hotel

Me, Joe & Laura
@ Manor House

Let's find out if we're a match

Sarah and Chris's wedding  (337).jpg
Sarah and Chris's wedding  (420).jpg

She is the most talented photographer and the most amazing person to have by your side from start to finish on your day. Choosing the right person who can make you feel at ease and relaxed is hugely important. Her photography style and editing is exceptional and it perfectly captured our day in the timeless fashion we wanted.

Sarah & Chris
Sarah and Chris's wedding  (744).jpg
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